The Laboratory Gallery, Summerhall, Florida Collective / Embassy Annuale Festival 2016, Edinburgh

2/7/16 - 17/7/16

‘Company’, curated by Florida for Annuale 2016 (organised by Embassy gallery), is an exploration of the position of curating within expanded artistic practice and the role of the ‘Artist-Curator’. There is a growing tendency for individuals to identify as both, often as artists who set up artist-led spaces and therefore naturally adopt a curatorial or programming role. As artists who are now attempting to develop a curatorial element with our practices we want to engage with pre-existing methodologies and create relationships with groups and individuals who are working in this way. ‘Company’ will be a starting point for our enquiry into expanded curatorial/artistic practice. Florida is Hannah Reynolds, Caitlin Merrett King and Isabella Widger; a group of artists working collaboratively on curatorial projects.