eize Projects Leeds independent art exhibition About Time

TEMP (as part of About Time)

Enjoy Project Space

20 Nov 2015


"SEIZE has invited two artists to spend 48 hours in Enjoy Project Space for an intense short-term residency. Having been given free reign of the space, to develop ideas, take risks and challenge one another, this is an exhibition of their results.

Responding to the predominant concerns of the About Time programme, Temp accelerates the conditions currently facing many emerging and mid-career artists today- short, temporary contracts, bursts of making and an emphasis on portability. This residency proposes to bring into focus the limitations on our time that force us to be inventive."

The artists:

Sophie Goodchild creates large-scale sculptures from provisional materials, playing with physical mass and the viewer’s anthropomorphic gaze to suggest bodies in space. Sophie recently graduated from Kingston University and now lives and works in London. Recent shows include The Plinth, Glasgow (2015), Us and Things, ArtLacuna Gallery, Clapham, London (2015), Out of Hours, Platform Gallery, Kingston, London (2015), Cocktail Party, Centre for Useless Splendour, Kingston, London (2015), Tin Foil and Poached Eggs, Centre for Useless Splendour, Kingston, London (2015).

Rufus Newell’s paintings and sculptures mix material and colour in spontaneous and vibrant combinations, mining and reimagining the artist’s experiences and encounters. Rufus lives and works in Leeds and graduated from Leeds College of Art in 2013. As well as working as part of art collective Precious, recent shows include It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to, Unnaway, Huddersfield (2015), One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, Precious, Assembly House, Leeds (2015), Treat yo self, Its All Tropical, Bloc projects, Sheffield, (2015), Best in show, Its All Tropical, Same Shit Different Day Gallery, London (2015).  http://rufusnewell.tumblr.com/


This project has been funded by Arts Council England as part of About Time, a satellite programme of exhibitions and activity coordinated by SPUR, Mexico & Pavilion for the British Art Show 8. More info here: http://about-time.org/